Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Indian agriculture..Present perspective

The purchasing power of the rural population throwing enormous demand for goods and services and boosting the national economy tremendously.But Darling's statement (1925), that "the Indian peasant is born in debt, lives in debt and beque...aths debt," still remains true for the great majority of working households in the countryside. Rural households need credit for a variety of reasons. They need it to meet short-term requirements for working capital and for long-term investment in agriculture and other income-bearing activities. Agricultural and non-agricultural activity in rural areas are typically seasonal, and households need credit to smooth out seasonal fluctuations in earnings and expenditure.That is the reason of quitting agriculture among young genration though is observed around the country.Agriculture, with its large dependent population in villages has to thrive and flourish, in order to secure rural prosperity by enhance in productivity,Strengthening forward and backward linkages ,Encouraging emergence of a market mechanism ,watershed development.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why we need Prime Numbers...

Prime numbers have intrigued curious thinkers for centuries. On one hand, prime numbers seem to be randomly distributed among the natural numbers with no other law than that of chance. But on the other hand, the global distribution of prime...s reveals a remarkably smooth regularity. This combination of randomness and regularity has motivated researchers to search for patterns in the distribution of primes that may eventually shed light on their ultimate is not a matter of whether we need prime numbers or not. Since they exist, what are we going to do with them - if anything?Why do we need mountains? Since they exist why not climb them? But perhaps the best reason to study primes is that they are simultaneously elementary and mysterious. It's remarkable just how little we know about these numbers after pondering them for millennia. For many mathematicians, that alone is sufficient motivation.There are thousands of pattern in prime, of them whom i like is..The prime number 73,939,133 has a very strange property. If you keep removing a digit from the right hand end of the number, each of the remaining numbers is also prime. It's the largest number known with this property.
Take a look: 73,939,133 and 73,939,13 and 73,939,1 and 73,939 and 7,393 and 739 and 73 and 7 are all prime number....
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