Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Mathematics is among the most fascinating of all intellectual disciplines, the purest of all art forms, and the most challenging of games. The study of mathematics is not only exciting, but important: mathematicians have an opportunity to make a lasting contribution to society by helping to solve problems in such diverse fields as medicine, management, economics. government, computer science, physics, psychology, engineering, and social science.Mathematics happens to be one of the most ancient sciences of the world. Some of the most famous intellectuals of the world, from Aristotle and Pythagoras (Greece), Euclid and Ptolemy (Egypt-Greece-) to Menelaus, Theon and Serenus (Egypt), Liu Hui andTsu Chung-Chih (China) to Aryabhata and Bhaskaracharya (India) have dabbled in one or more branches or mathematics to fortify their knowledge and hone their mental skills.The technique of algebraic computation was known and was developed in India in earlier times. From the 13th century onwards, India was subject to invasions from the Arabs, Turks and Afghans. It was also the age of the Islamic Renaissance and the Arabs generally improved upon the arts and sciences that they imbibed from the land they overran during their Jehad. They coined the name 'Al-Jabr' meaning 'the reunion of broken parts' and adapted the system of mathematics they observed in India. This name indicates that they took it from an external source and amalgamated it with their concepts about mathematics

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