Wednesday, February 27, 2008


CBSE have proposed to allow students who fail in Mathematics to appear for another subject in lieu of his compartment examination. The governing body has cleared this decision and this will come into force from this year. 20 per cent of the question paper will be dedicated to checking Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), there will also be 10 per cent questions that will be very short answer type.Some portions of the question paper are actually meant for the below average students who may find it difficult to answer some of the higher range questions.Also for the first time, students will be marked internally by schools based on the project work they do in a subject like Mathematics in Class X. So there is another chance to gather marks, provided you actually pay attention to the subject. And then you also have practicals for subjects like Social Studies and Mathematics, apart from science subjects.The National Curriculum Framework, 2005, had recommended certain changes in the examination pattern to turn it into a more meaningful assessment of what a child has actually learnt, rather than a simple rote learning-based exercise.Over 13 lakh students are appearing for the board exams this year. While 7,65,095 students would appear for the class X exam 5,48,815 would for the class XII, which begin on March 1.

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