Sunday, August 24, 2008

Henri Cartan

world has lost one of the greatest scientists of the twentieth century. Henri Cartan a legendary figure in mathematics died inParis on 13 August, at the age of 104 years.
Almost all of Dr. Cartan's career was spent in France, and he was acclaimed for his research in areas of pure mathematics, including algebra, topology and analytic functions of complex variables. He was also an influential writer and teacher.At least two of his pupils won Nobel prizes, one in economics and one in physics. Two others received the Fields Medal, which is awarded for accomplishment in mathematics and is regarded as the mathematics equivalent of the Nobel Prize.In 1980, Dr. Cartan received the Wolf Prize, one of the highest honors in mathematics.Apart from his professional achievements.Henri Cartan will be remembered for his personal qualities.He was generous to students,colleagues and friends, and a vigorous defender of Human Rights.

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