Saturday, March 14, 2009

Infosys Mathematics Prize

For his outstanding contribution to Mathematics, Professor Manindra Agarwal of the Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur (IIT-K) has been chosen as the first recipient of the Infosys Mathematics Prize.The head of the computer science and engineering department at IIT-K, Agarwal has been selected for the award for his design of algorithms for testing of prime numbers. it is most useful for the online payment system.For online payment, the prime number is important. A slight error in judging the prime number can lead to the decoding of the credit card, Possibilities of hacking of credit cards increase if even numbers are used for online payment. Agarwal completed his BTech in computer sciences from IIT-K in 1986, and his PhD in 1991. Over the years, he has been working on Complexity Theory, a branch of mathematics,

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