Sunday, March 17, 2013

Math Education

We often treat student 's learning problems lightly as if they did not matter. We also know that not all student do not attack mathematics or any other subject with the same energy and enthusiasm. Pupils should not only be exposed to the structure of mathematics but also the historical and cultural aspects.Some knowledge of ethno-mathematics such as stories and games should be introduced whenever... it is necessary to make the lesson more interesting. Some pupils are interested in theoretical mathematics whereas others, probably the majority, are motivated by a historical approach. Still others are excited by the relationships between mathematics and art, mathematics and music or mathematics and language.Moreover, application of mathematics interests many pupils. We have heard much about mathematics anxiety, described as reluctance and fear to engage in mathematics- related activities. Individuals who exhibit such anxiety do not enjoy doing mathematics, especially in public.Most individuals with mathematics anxiety are beyond school level. We hear them proclaiming, for example, "I was very good in mathematics when I was in standard 8th. However, things have changed now .They find themselves learning certain mathematical ideas they are not ready because they fail to see their immediate application.As a result, some pupils and students begin to dislike mathematics and stop doing mathematics. Success in any subject in class depends on hard work, teachers' ability to deliver lessons and good grooming of the parents.

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