Saturday, April 05, 2008

clinical research and india

India has overtake China to become Asia's most popular destination for conducting clinical trials. According to the Planning Commission, around 139 new trials were outsourced to India recently compared to 98 in China.While the market value for clinical trials outsourced to India is estimated at around $300 million, having increased by 65% in 2006, it is expected to touch $1.5-2 billion by 2010. the increased trial flow to India is based on several fundamental strengths like good hospitals, competent medical professionals, diverse genetic pool and large patient pools with diseases ranging from heart diseases, diabetes and psychiatric disorders, which are also prevalent in industrialised countries.The cost of conducting research in India ranges between 20 and 60 per cent of the cost in industrialised countries.

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Kritika said...

Its great to kno that India has overtaken CHina in clinical research.You have very well stated that clinical research is now being taken up in India seriously. I must say that with institutes like ICRI, we are sure to ace the world in clinical research. ICRI is one of the premier institutes of the country and aims at promoting clinical research in the country. With foreign recognition and good faculty, its future prospects seem to b very bright. A number of clinical research projects have been taken up by ICRI and hav produced medicines of great value. It should b seriously considered by all aspirants of research very seriously. To apply for the the college just click on the url..