Tuesday, April 08, 2008

iit-jee 2008

Around 3 lakh students are expected to take the IIT-JEE this year.The format having become objective type,so the entire effort should be to maximise the number of correct answers.This year also there will be two, 3 Hour (PCM Combined) objective type papers. Cut-off marks will be decided by summing the marks of the subject in both the papers. Each subject will thus have its own cut-off.individual subject cut-off will be about 35% , while overall cut-off is 45%.the entire effort should be to maximise the number of correct answers,if you attempt 60% of the questions and do them correctly, you will end up with good marks.


somu said...

liked your work.
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zarbanx said...

Q1:-okk jee is definately very tough bt on the scale of 1-10 if jee is 10 how
would u rate aieee,vit,bitsat?

the scale will definately provide some insight to the level of the paper for
all of us.
i have checked out the sample bits paper and it was pretty easy.i want to
confirm is tht the level of paper or there is more to it.

P.S:-the answer to this question will help all of us as it ia easier to
visualize through grading rather than “bits is tougher than vit” and stuff
so plz do answer this post.

Q2:-i scored 189 in iit jee so i am a borderline case. i wanted to know whether
i should go to bits(if i get selected)or wait another yr,i know i can do it bt
then i will be wasting a yr?

Q3:-this is most imp question.wht is the ranking criterion in bit sand aieee.do
they have cut off in each subject like jee and then final cut off or its just
cumulative marking?

i would be really thankful if u plz anwered these questions becoz they r not
just my doubts bt the doubts of over 10 students whom i had a chat with so ur
answers will be of gr8 help.