Sunday, March 25, 2007

Anita Goel

Physicist and physician Anita Goel is the founder and CEO of Nanobiosym, Inc. By harnessing both theoretical concepts and experimental technologies from modern physics, she probes, the physics of living systems at the single molecule level. Funded by the US DOD and DARPA, Dr. Goel founded Nanobiosym, Inc. to harness key nanoscale capabilities to develop next-generation biosensors for pathogen detection.Goel holds a PhD in Physics from Harvard University and an MD from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST). She is also a Fellow of the World Technology Network and a Fellow-at-Large of the Santa Fe Institute and a Trustee and Scientific Advisor to India-Nano, an organization devoted to bridging breakthrough advances in nanotechnology with the burgeoning Indian nanotech sector.Based in Medford, MA, Nanobiosym focuses on exploiting emerging nanotechnologies to provide innovative solutions to problems in the biotech and biomedical industry. Their current efforts include the development of prototypes for advanced diagnostic devices. Nanobiosym is developing the breakthrough nanoscale technologies to detect, amplify, and identify trace amounts of biowarfare agents. Here, Goel pursues research and emerging technologies at the cutting interface of physics, biomedicine and nanotechnology.

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