Friday, March 30, 2007


The IIT Joint Entrance Exam will be less tiring from this April. In a major restructuring of the IIT-JEE, the IIT-Council, which has members from each of the seven IITs, has decided to keep only two exams for JEE, instead of three separate exams in physics, maths and chemistry, as has been the case so far. The two exams, of three hours duration each, will have mixed questions in physics, maths and chemistry. This year’s IIT JEE will be held on April 8. The questions will be of objective type and there will be negative marking. Earlier, the three exams were of two hour’s duration each.The change has been made such that both papers will have physics, mathematics and chemistry questions. This means that if the student didn’t understand a concept in one subject, he will get a chance once again in the next paper. Also, practically speaking, the student will be less strained as he will have two papers to take, with a break in between

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