Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Education report

According to annual District Information System for Education report
1.retention rate went up to 71 percent in 2005 against 58 percent in 2004 and 53 in 2003.
2.enrolment of girls in government schools (class 1-8) was 48.2 percent , whereas in private school ,it was 44.53 percent.
3.number of schools with computers increased both in percentage and absolute terms.
4.government schools have 2.63 teachers per school compared to 4.74 in private schools.
5.there are more then 145 districts that have more than 50 percent female teachers.all schools togethers had 40.3 percent women teachers. having computers in rural areas is 8.05 percent and in urban areas is 30.07 percent.
7.male teachers were graduates in only 29.09 percent of the total primary school against 29.76 percent such female teachers.another 13 percent male and 14 percent female teachers were post least 41.36 percent male and 36.45 female teachers in urban areas were B.ED or equivalent compared to 30.95 percent male and 25.78 percent female teachers in rural areas.
8.107276 (9.54 percent of total school)schools has only single class room.94.8 percent of these school were located in rural areas.

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