Tuesday, May 08, 2007


In recent years ,math changed dramatically in civil services exam.before 2000, it was most paying subject.now it considered little bit risky.In pre. Exam 12-15 question arise from linear algebra.it is recent addition.beside this 5-6 question comes from abstract algebra.calculas is most important part of paper. 30-32 question arise from it.in this paper one should be sound in concept.Krishna series books are quite good for starting level.Shaum series of linear algebra and differential equations are good supliment .80+ is safe score in prelims with 90 in general studies.Nowsdays lesser number of students are opting for math, so merit becomes relatively high.iit-jee prepration guide must consult, if one is not aware of it.practice of these problems may be added advantage in the exam.for main exam , now you can not ignore real analysis, complex analysis and abstract algebra.compulsary questions also arise from these topics.first of all, consultation of Indian writers are nesseary.standrad forigen books may be next stage.

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