Wednesday, July 25, 2007

IIM Shillong

The seventh Indian Institute of Management (IIM) proposed at Shillong, Meghalaya, will become operational from the academic year 2008-09. The new institute will be called the Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management (RGIIM), Shillong and will get a grant for non-recurring expenditure of Rs 120 crore over a period of five years and Rs 45 crore for recurring expenditure over a period of six years. The government of Meghalaya has provided 120 acre of land free of cost for setting up the institute.In the first year, the institute will admit 60 students. The capacity will be increased to 120 students in the third year and 180 students in the sixth year.Initially, the institute will offer a two-year post graduate programme in management (PGPM) and later it would also offer short-term programmes on subjects of local relevance like tourism, horticulture and hydel power.RGIIM will be initially run from a temporary campus at Mayurbhanj complex. Mayurbhanj complex campus was occupied by the North Eastern Hill University, which has now vacated the premises. A permanent campus for RGIIM will come in the new Shillong township.


nayan said...

I m very happy dat da govt had chosen shillong for its 7th iim.i m an x student of shillong n i mus its a beautiful place.people outside da north east think its a bad idea of govt.they critise N.E.R Very much.i have visited delhi but i think shillong is much beautiful.indian people visit many foreign country for the beauty but i must say shillong is not less compared to switzerland.every body in shillong live a standard life compared 2 del or many other indian i like 2 request the people living outside of N.E.R to visit the place once n then pass comment instead of passing comment from the well about the outside.i am frm tripura , so i support da govt decission.As we know north east have a large natural resources compared 2 any part of the country but we lack many entreprenuer to exploit the resources. the iim will help exploit the natural resources. and i challenge once the natural resources are exploited N.E.R will b the richest region in the country.Now people want 2 run away from N.E.R but once it become more developed hope they reliase thier mistaken. when we speak of north east they think its a jungle , but why dont people try 2 realise that jungle means money. if the jungle of north east are properly researched then i think N.E.R can supply madecine 2 the whole world. it has been told by many foreign tourist.there r also many resourse which can b trans form into asset. so every one livin outside the north east just chill and just stop critising north east . AT THE END--- I WELL COME EVERY1 IN NORTH EAST AND HOPE U HAVE A GREAT TIME IN IIM SHILLONG

SUMIT said...

It is sad to know that a management institute is being handled with mismanagement. I agree that it would lead to some development of the area but is this a prudent way to develop an area at the cost of career of students and the brand value of IIMs? I think IIMs must be set at strategically located places.
There are other ways to develop an area which are more feasible and fruitful only if our politicians know some management.
And i must say one thing -there is absolutely no need to add the prefix Rajiv Gandhi to the brand IIM.It would certainly dilute the brant value of IIMs as people would refer to this institute as RG shillong instead of IIM shillong.
IT is unfortunate that such globally reputed schools have become a political playground of a handful of people.
Instead of setting up such a speciality school in NE region it would have been lot better if the government sets up primary schools and degrre colleges there . I am sure with the amount of money required to set up an IIM , governmentcan open many colleges there.

naveen said...

well North east need quality education ........thats y i respect govt policy.........but Indians Usually have habit of Fucking good brand name thats what they did. Brand name IIM with RGIIM......... I think right now govt has nothing to do so they started fucking the brand names such as Bombay->Mumbai, Calcutta->Kolkuta,Madras->Chennai.......more imp Banglore->Bengaluru. They try to tell people that they r thinking about people by changing or Fucking Brand Name.

naveen said...

As per what sumit said is bring people in north east is done by only making quality basic Education.......Its not the way think that setting up IIM In shillong will make them educate .Since CAT is all india level and the people who prepare for it get it overthere...........not region people will definitely make it to IIM Shillong coz talnetd and competitive people r more in metro and other well developed city......So the govt should take care of how to make them competitive by setting up good Basic education over there.
More over IIM need many reseacher travelling here and there to teach people new tactics and policy.
Well forreign faculty in such instituate will be very less or Zero. AS IIM Lucknow have no foreign faculty as per information from students of IIM Lucknow which is important for learn about foreign Infustry and their policy for globalisation.If lucknow has such conditon what to say about Shillong.They should think of IIM at Mumbai as the financail hub it will create lot of oppurtunity to learn,