Friday, July 13, 2007


IT companies in India moaning about scarcity of talent can expect it to get much worse – about 40% of Indian MBA applicants for overseas MBAs were from IT, and only 18% say they want to stick on in the industry after an MBA, says a recent study. Despite the boom in India’s IT industry, upwardly-mobile Indians are sensing greater benefits outside IT. The QS Applicants Survey shows that 39% of Indians wanting to do an MBA overseas came from IT – and over 50% of those who apply for an MBA do so to switch careers from IT to consulting, financial services, andbanking.Aspirations, again, are at an all time high – while India ranked 27th among countries when it came to current salary levels, it ranked 14th in the list when it came to Post-MBA salary expectations. Over 4% of applicants expected to earn $80-85,000 upon completion, far higher than the regional average.The QS Applicants Survey 07, conducted across 33 countries, covered about 1200-odd applicants in India and is aligned to the QS World MBA tour, a year-long event covering 35 countries with an average of 375 foreign educational institutions.

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