Saturday, July 07, 2007

Trai Report

India's total subscriber base (wireline and wireless) crossed the 200 million mark in March, according to a Trai release.Total number of subscribers increased to 205.86 million in the quarter ending March 2007 from 189.92 million in the quarter ending December 2006, an increase of 8.39%. Overall growth for the year (March 2006 to March 2007) was 46.71%. Tele-density reached 18.23 (17.16).The subscriber base for wireless services has increased to 165.11 million (149.62 million) and that of Wireline service to 40.75 million (40.30 million).The number of Public Call Offices (PCO) in the country increased to 5.55 million (5.30 million), a growth of 4.72%. The rural wireline subscriber base increased to 12.56 million (12.48 million), a growth of 0.64%. The rural wireless subscriber base is 33.14 million.The number of Village Public Telephones (VPT) in the country has increased to 5.64 lakh (5.57 lakh) a growth of 1.26%.

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