Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Engineering Graduates And Employment

India awarded 2.3 lakh engineering degrees in 2006, but only a small fraction of these engineers are actually employable by industry.based on the report ‘Engineering education in India’ written by Mr Banerjee and prof Vinayak Muley of IIT, Bombay and sponsored by Observer Research Foundation. majority of these graduates come from tier-III and tier-IV colleges, which have very poor infrastructure, they.On the other hand, tier-I and tier-II colleges, namely the IITs, IISc and the NITs produce , less than 1% of engineering graduates, 20% M.Techs and 40% PhD in India.Most engineering graduates from a C-grade college are not employed in a hi-tech job and in the process of finding the ‘right job’ they shift jobs constantly.

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