Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Engineering education in Karnataka

Karnataka has 164 engineering colleges spread across the State. There are close to 25different branches to pick from.Some of the four year BE courses offered include Electronics and Communication, Computer Science, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Electronics,Aeronautical Engineering,Architecture,Industrial Production, Instrumentation Technology, Industrial Engineering and Management, Medical Electronics, Chemical, Automobile Engineering, Telecommunication, Biotechnology, Textiles, Mining, Ceramics, Silk Technology, Construction Technology and Management, Biomedical, Environmental, Polymer Technology, Information Science and Manufacturing Science.The colleges and the branches offered in Karnataka can be grouped into three categories.Aided colleges having aided branches, where in the college and the branch is fully supported by government funding. The second category is the aided colleges with un-aided branches: here the support is provided partially by the government.The last category is the private colleges.These are self-financed institutions.That means,there is no government funding available to run these institutions. However they are bound by Government admission and administration rules.Recently 14 colleges in Karnataka have been given the autonomous status. Under this, the colleges can formulate their own curriculum and student assessments, but the degree is offered by the VTU.

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