Friday, July 04, 2008


Human Resource Development Ministry inaugurated a new project for providing vocational training to Muslim girls in Bihar.Named HUNUR,it is a collaborative project of ministry and the Government of Bihar. Under the scheme the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) will provide free skill training to some 12,000 girls studying in different schools in Bihar.The courses offered include gram sakhi, jute production, cutting and tailoring, early childhood care and education, basic technology and beauty culture.This scheme will be implemented through Maktabs, Madarsas and Darul-uloom. The NIOS plans to offer concessions related to infrastructure, fee as well as number of students at study centers under this scheme.The scheme also plans to relax norms for accreditation for traditional educationally backward institutions especially Madarsas and Maktabs. The NIOS will provide them free course material under this programme.The scheme for providing free education to Scheduled Castes (SC) Scheduled Tribes (ST) learners in Bihar through NIOS also was inaugurated.NIOS as per government policy has been giving fee concession to SC/ST learners. Now, the Government of Bihar has taken the decision to give total free education to SC/ST learners of Bihar, both girls and boys.This initiative is expected to improve their access to school level education and will open the path for all other government offered educational schemes and jobs.

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