Thursday, July 10, 2008

Horatio Boedihardjo -Ph.d at 17

Oxford University has accepted a 17-year-old Horatio Boedihardjo from Hong Kong on one of its doctorate programmes, making him one of the famed university's youngest such student.Horatio Boedihardjo became an Oxford undergraduate at 14 and has now been admitted to the university's mathematics doctorate programme.His sibling March Boedihardjo last September became Hong Kong's youngest ever university student at the tender age of just nine.He thanked his professor Janet Dyson who invited him to pursue studies at Oxford.Horatio entertains the idea of being a teacher and inspire children to learn more about mathematics.He even went on to invite people who are interested to communicate to him through his e-mail address horatio.boedihardj if they are interested in studying mathematics at the university.

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