Thursday, July 17, 2008

Indian Institute of Nano Technology

Central government had announced the establishment of centres of the Indian Institute of Nano Technology in Bangalore, Mohali and Kolkata. The Union Ministry of Science and Technology had released Rs 100 crore for the purpose.India is all set for a nanotechnology revolution, which would dramatically improve the standard of life of the people and find solutions to major problems in health, agriculture and water management.Medical science would also derive huge benefits from use of nanotechnology as detection and treatment of serious diseases like AIDS and cancer would be easier.With increasing importance of power generation through non-conventional energy sources, nanotechnology would be of great help as it could considerably increase the capacity of photovoltaic cells - to generate electricity by solar power


pooja said...

sir i am doing mtech in nanotechnology,bt its after bsc ,so i am eligible,if i want to become a lecturer in indian insitute of nanotechnology

abcd said...

sir i have completed my intermedite can i have a admission into indian insitute of nanotechnology as undergraduate