Wednesday, May 14, 2008

B Sc course phased out

THE three-year B Sc course will be replaced by the American model, which is a four-year programme. Students will receive common grounding in all subjects of science in the first year. It will be followed by specialisation in their area of interest, with the flexibility to choose electives. The revamp aim at bridging the gulf between what the college products know and what the industry needs. The gulf presently is rather wide. The products that our colleges turn out are not industry-ready or job-ready. These products should be put through an induction course if they are to be useful at least to some extent to the industry right from day one. According to the proposal now being considered, the revamped B Sc course will be initially available only in institutions of repute like the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and the various Indian Institutes of Technology across the country. Subsequently, universities across the country will provide the course.

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