Wednesday, May 14, 2008

clean GANGA

G.D. Agarwal, 76, an environmental scientist and former IIT professor has decided to go on a fast unto death to save "Ganga. He has decided to go on a fast unto death from June 13, which is also observed as Ganga Dussehra.Agarwal, who was member secretary of the Central Pollution Control Board wants the stretch between Gomukh, the source of the river in the Himalayas, and Uttarkashi, in Uttarakhand, to be untouched by human intervention.The Tehri dam is only one among many glaring examples resulting in the river running like a trickle many times. At times there has been no water even at Haridwar.Agarwal,has inspired many prominent people, including the late Anil Agarwal, who founded the Centre for Science and Environment.

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